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For better explanation of the operating principle of the wind-power generator-plant as a source of electrical energy, we present as an example one of the versions of connecting external devices (opens in a new window). In the version shown the power plant operates in the following modes:

  • Battery charger;
  • DC power supply and regulated voltage 48 V, power up to 2,000 W;
  • 48 V power supply for tubular electric heaters (TEH);
  • Attendant work station power supply, 220 VAC, via inverter;
  • Operation in parallel with a solar battery.
Wind-power generator-plant specifications
WPU rated power2000 W
Cut-In Wind Speed3,0 m/s
Rated Wind Speed10 m/s
Max Design Wind Speed45 m/s
Rotor operating positionFacing the wind
Number of blades2
Diameter3,12 m
Rotation speed controlCentrifugal & aerodynamic regulator
Rated rotation speed650 rpm
Blades materialHigh-modulus carbon reinforced fiberglass based on hot-curing epoxy resin
Generator typePermanent Magnet Alternator (Fe-Nd-Br), 17 pole pairs
Peak power, at 14 m/s wind2100 W
Power supply unit
Operating voltage48 V
Inverter power (when connected)3000 W
Solar battery power (when connected)2000 W
Operation safety systems
Rotor overspeed protectionAerodynamic within full working range
Braking mechanismElectrical brake, by short-circuiting the alternator windings
Lightning protectionProtective grounding
Scheduled MaintenanceAs per the technical condition of units
Operating temperature rangefrom -50°С to +60°С
Life Span10 years
Mast heightUp to 12 m
Weight specifications
Wind-power generator-plant (net weight)45 kg
Mast assembly (net weight)Up to 160 kg
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