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The wind-power generator-plant (wind-power unit = WPU) WPU 2000 has been designed by experts from MAI (Moscow Aviation Institute), OAO "Tupolev", TsAGI (National Institute for Aero- and Hydro Dynamics), VIECKh (National Institute for Agriculture Electrification) and MGTU (Moscow State Technical University) named after Bauman. WPU 2000 is manufactured since 2002.

WPU appearance and description

The wind-power generator-plant (WPU 2000) is essentially a metal mast fitted with a wind-power unit on top (see pictures in this Section headline and photo gallery). The wind-power unit makes use of the wind power to generate electrical power which in its turn is used to charge batteries comprising the wind-power generator-plant. Then the batteries electrical power, depending on the voltages required, is delivered to consumers via voltage converters. The WPU automatic devices provide switching required for normal WPU operation as an electrical power source featuring regulated electrical parameters independent of the wind speed.

WPU Applications

WPU is used to facilitate offline power supply for various objects or consumers remote from centralized power supply lines:

  • Private houses;
  • Customs and other check-points;
  • Radio communication and television equipment and centers;
  • Non-attended intrusion and lighting systems, including emergency systems;
  • Communication systems;
  • Water and fuel pumps.

WPU 2000 Specific Features

  1. Generation of net energy starts at wind speed 2.5 to 3 m per sec.
  2. A precision centrifugal aerodynamic governor is used to control the blade positioning angle and provides storm protection.
  3. Electronic power take-off system to ensure wind utilization factor of 0.41 and monitor battery charge-discharge cycle.
  4. Low inherent aerodynamic noise within the entire wind range.
  5. Erection can be performed without using a crane.
  6. The design makes use of high-modulus composite materials based on hot-curing epoxy resins.
  7. Portable direct-drive generator with Nd-Fe-Br magnets is used.
  8. A solar cell of up to 2000 W and electrical heater may be connected.
  9. Modern design, minimal mass-size characteristics of WPU (36 kg) and electronic unit (3.5 kg), portable packing for transportation.
  10. Does not require regular maintenance.

Field experience

WPU is operated: in Russia's various regions:

  • Moscow, Istra, Tver, Dmitrov, Klin, Tarusa;
  • Samara, Volgograd, Saratov;
  • Pertozavodsk, Salekhard, Republic Karelia's National Park;
  • Magadan, Nizhny Tagil, Ulan-Ude, Stepnoy village (Kemerovo Province);
  • Krasnodar;


  • Almaty (Kazakhstan); Kiev (Ukraine); Baku (Azerbaidjan);


  • New York (USA); Cillis (Switzeland); Brussels (Belgium); Mexico (Mexico); Sandton (South African Republic).

Dealer agreements with Latvia, Belgium, Ukraine, Orenburg, Pskov and Kalmykia have been concluded.

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