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Mass and counterweight characteristics
Maximum takeoff mass2350 kg
Equipped non-loaded aircraft mass1550 kg
Maximum net load800 kg
Fuel availability at commercial load350 l
Fuel availability in external tanks170 l
Maximum passenger seats (including pilot seat)6 (8)
Power plant
Aircraft engine model and number of enginesCenturion 4.0 2
Engine type8-cylinder, vee-configured, liquid-cooling aviation engine
Power plant power350 hp 2
Design speeds and ranges
Design cruising speed360 km/h
Service range (see the map for range ability without refuelling)2100 km
Take-off distance (concrete/soil)275/305 m
Landing distance (concrete/soil)386/422 m
Aircraft Geometry Basic Data
Aircraft length10,1 m
Aircraft height4,45 m
Wing span13,4 m
Flight compartment maximum length3,6 m
Flight compartment maximum width1,5 m
Flight compartment maximum height1,5 m
Cargo compartment overall dimensions1,81,21,1 m
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