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"Project 17" Amphibia boat - snowmobile is designed for carrying out search and rescue operations and cargo and passenger transportation under lack of good roads.

The product features high speed over water and snow surfaces and does not require special qualifications to drive and operate.

The product features high cross-country ability and high speed over shallow water and sandbanks, ponds overgrown with bushes and reed. You will be capable to drive fast through snow fields under frost and thaw, over "sastrugi" and ice.

Planing steps special shape, sound-proofing cabin and heater will ensure comfort drive under any weather conditions at any latitude.

Comfort and heated cabin will accommodate 5 to 6 passengers. Moving portion of the canopy will make the loading operations substantially easier.

A rigid composite body with durable lining as well as a powerful and reliable and commercial marine-type engine will provide a long-life operation.
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